Why I Love the Lehigh Valley

Lehigh Valley is a fantastic place to live, work, visit, and learn. “Why I Love the Lehigh Valley” asks people who live here to share their favorite things, hidden gems, and what makes this place unique. Check out the the video below from ASR Media Productions and scroll down for highlights from the guests when you’re finished.

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Video highlights

What keeps you coming back to the Lehigh Valley?

This is my favorite part of Pennsylvania … it’s just so vibrant and there’s so much to do here. Everyone appreciates not only music, but art in general. It’s a bustling community for art.”

Kendal Conrad, country music singer-songwriter and actress

Why make the Lehigh Valley your home?

“Lehigh Valley has shown me opportunity in the sense of being young and starting a family, with the affordability of being here and buying a home at 25, and the economic boom that I believe is here and seeing what was going on here. I’m an entrepreneur, so I’m always looking for the next opportunity to advance myself, my family and my business partners.”

Kevin Greene, Chief Operating Officer, Faces International

What do you think makes the Lehigh Valley special?

“I love the natural resources that we have here. We have the D&L Trail, we have Wildlands Conservancy that has awesome activities for kids and adults. We have the Lehigh River and opportunities to enjoy the river and see the Lehigh Valley through a different lens, just floating on a raft or a boat.”

Carol Obando-Derstine, Project Manager, PPL Electric Utilities

What are some of your favorite things about Lehigh Valley?

“The people – there are a number of colleges and universities here, and the universities bring a community and they bring industries and innovation. The opportunity to see the economy grow, to see the population grow, and the entertainment outlets become really a rival of many of the other cities that people celebrate.”

Dr. Tina Richardson, Chancellor, Penn State Lehigh Valley

What makes this a unique place to live?

“It’s the perfect size. It’s not some massive city and it’s not a tiny little rural area. You have the best of both worlds, with the rolling hills and the farm country in about five minutes but yet you have downtown Bethlehem, downtown Allentown, and there are some great things happening in Easton.”

Andrew Stanten, President, Altitude Marketing