Lehigh Valley Song Project brings together diverse artists for a socially distant performance

The Lehigh Valley Song Project brought together musicians from across the Lehigh Valley to write, produce and perform a song of healing, resilience and hope for our community. The result was a beautiful collage of musical performances captured in video that premiered at an outdoor, socially-distant celebration at Touchstone Theatre.

“Lehigh Valley Be Free” united diverse artists who performed alone, but together, to help connect us across the Lehigh Valley at a time when we need that connection more than ever before. The video seamlessly brings together many local talented musicians from multiple generations with varying styles and instruments to harmonize. Check out the video below.

“We’re all connected, you help me and I’ll help you. Stronger together that’s how it will be, Lehigh Valley Be Free.”

The Lehigh Valley Song Project was created to “celebrate the connectedness and freedoms that benefit our communities,” according to event organizers, and the musicians united to “to create a diverse, honest, hopeful look at the future — through song.”

The Lehigh Valley Song Project is one of many arts-based, community-building initiatives under the umbrella of Touchstone Theatre’s “Festival UnBound,” , a festival of original theatre, dance, music, art, and conversation, designed to celebrate and imagine our future together. To support this work and diverse artists across the Valley, visit here.