Jade Cortez

Digital Media Specialist, Allentown Art Musuem

Life and work in Lehigh Valley paint a complete picture of the lifestyle envisioned by Jade Cortez, digital media specialist for the Allentown Art Museum.

“I grew up nearby in Berks County and went to Kutztown University. Through a college internship, I got to explore Lehigh Valley,” Jade explained. “I liked the city vibe here. It satisfies that craving to be a city girl, but at the same time I can drive a half hour and be in the country. It’s the best of both worlds.”

She produces and distributes digital content about works of art, exhibits, and the museum’s public outreach initiatives, which include art education programs for children and providing access to art for people with Alzheimer’s. Her work has fulfilled a lifelong ambition for a career in the art world. “When I was young, I said that I wanted to grow up to be an artist. My 10-year-old self would be very happy to know that I am working in an art museum,” she said.

For a digital media specialist such as Jade, the Allentown Art Museum’s collection provides significant content to share, and marries well with social media. She uses her creative talents to tell the museum’s stories and give potential visitors, particularly those from outside Lehigh Valley, a real sense of what they will experience when they come to the museum. “The people I work with and the people I’ve met on this job, from visitors to collectors to the artists themselves, have been great,” she said.

The museum’s setting in downtown Allentown provides ample cultural and quality-of-life opportunities for Jade and her young daughter. When her daughter accompanies Jade to the museum, she can create kids’ crafts projects while Jade is doing her digital media work. Afterward, they can enjoy outdoor play time at the arts park across the street or take a short walk to the Downtown Allentown Market for lunch at the food court.

Away from the museum, one of Jade’s favorite activities is attending Lehigh Valley’s many festivals. “I see the events posted on the Discover Lehigh Valley website. I’m a big festivals and events type of girl, and I’m always bringing my daughter to them with me,” she said. Lehigh Valley is the place Jade sees herself long-term, making possible all the things she wants for herself and her daughter.

Live like a local:

Favorite place to eat: The Bayou

Favorite night spot: The Bookstore Speakeasy

Favorite outdoor activity: Hiking

Favorite festival: Celtic Classic