Partner Toolkit – Made Possible in Lehigh Valley

Made Possible in Lehigh Valley is a regional branding and marketing initiative aimed at showing off all the amazing things that are possible here in Lehigh Valley to grow the region’s image as a desirable place to visit, work, learn and live.

The initiative is championed by Lehigh Valley Economic Development CorporationDiscover Lehigh Valley, the Lehigh Valley Chamber, and the Greater Lehigh Valley Realtors. We’ve created materials that you can use for free on your sites and in your communications to help tell the Lehigh Valley story.

Made Possible in Lehigh Valley aims to tell stories of success from within the region to inspire others to learn more about a place full of possibility, whether they plan to visit once or stay for a lifetime.

We need your help to tell the Lehigh Valley story and we’ve created marketing products that you can use on your sites to help amplify our voice. Help us build more awareness about the impressive institutions, innovative companies, exciting attractions, welcoming downtowns and supportive community here.

Together, we will shape what is made possible tomorrow.

How can your business get involved?

  • Download the logo and link to from your website. Place the logo in your own ads and become part of something bigger than any one of us on our own. View the brand guidelines.
    • The Made Possible in Lehigh Valley brand is a registered trademark and any non-conforming use of the brand will be restricted.
  • Embed the Made Possible in Lehigh Valley video on your website. There are three versions available to use: 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 120 seconds.
  • Share the 16-page Made Possible in Lehigh Valley guide with your prospects, marketing team, recruiters, and future employees. This piece serves as a relocation guide and an orientation to visiting, working, learning and living in the region.
  • Follow @lvmadepossible on Instagram and share your stories using #lvmadepossible across your social media networks. Join the conversation and share success stories on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

For assistance, embed codes, or to request campaign materials, please email Liz Martin, Marketing Manager, at

Quick facts about living and working in Lehigh Valley.

Below are a few prompts for communications / social media posts that we encourage you to include in your messaging. Realtors, share a picture of your best listing with a stat while using the hashtag #lvmadepossible in your post. Employers, share a unique fact about your company or a recent success story and the value you bring to your customers using #lvmadepossible. Click here for additional facts and tourism highlights from Discover Lehigh Valley .

  • Lehigh Valley is a Top 10 Market in the U.S. for millennial homebuyers ( Q3 2019)
  • Lehigh Valley was rated as the best performing market in the country for improved year-over-year homebuying affordability in the last 12 months  ( Q3 2019)
  • Looking for your next home? Lehigh Valley is a Top 10 Market for millennial home buyers & surprisingly affordable. See what you can save at
  • Compare cost of living in your city to Lehigh Valley with the cost of living calculator at
  • Spend more time living and less time commuting. The average commute in Lehigh Valley is just 26 minutes
  • Annual income needed to buy a median-priced home in Lehigh Valley is $50,000
  • Average monthly rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Lehigh Valley is $1,297
  • Lehigh Valley contains more than 330 miles of land and water trails for residents and visitors to enjoy. Find your trail at
  • More than 28,000 new jobs were created in Lehigh Valley in the last five years
  • There are more than 50,000 students enrolled in Lehigh Valley’s colleges and universities

Geographic specific cost comparisons

  • Lehigh Valley is surprisingly affordable. Compare cost of living in your city to Lehigh Valley with the cost of living calculator at
  • Lehigh Valley is 19% more affordable that Central New Jersey
  • Lehigh Valley is 20% more affordable that Northern New Jersey
  • Lehigh Valley is 44% more affordable that Boston
  • Lehigh Valley is 53% more affordable that Washington, D.C.
  • Lehigh Valley is 73% more affordable that Brooklyn
  • Lehigh Valley is 128% more affordable that Manhattan

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